The Key to Buying and Selling Simultaneously

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Recently, a client came to us with a very common concern: They wanted to sell their current home and then buy another but lacked the funds to polish up their current property and the equity to leverage toward their next purchase. 

This scenario might sound daunting to tackle, but there are actually a number of solutions this client (and others like them) may be forgetting—including the fact that you can pull from a retirement or other investment account to fund a home purchase. And, unlike when you pull out funds from these accounts for other reasons, pulling out money for a home purchase can often be done in a way that won’t subject you to penalty fees. 

This solution helped the client I mentioned earlier to execute their home sale and home purchase with very little hassle, and it could potentially do the same for you. Of course, you should always talk to a financial advisor before making this kind of move.

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